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The Tiny Core Module TCM-BF518 is optimized for performance and size. The module integrates processor, RAM, flash and power supply at a size of 28 x 28 mm! It is based at the high performance ADSP-BF518 from Analog Devices. The Core Module is designed for commercial usage. It addresses 32 MByte SD-RAM via its 16 bit wide SD-RAM bus and has an on-board NOR-flash of 2 MByte.

Product Details

Highlights ADSP BF518 DSP 32 MByte SD-RAM up to 133Mhz 2 MByte Flash Very small design (28 x 28 mm) Low Power Designs Commercial Core Module (0 to +70°C)

Typical Applications BLACKSheep® OS, uClinux

Automation and control systems, Mobile Communication, Test and Measurement ,

Package contents TCM-BF518
CPU 1 x ADSP BF518
Clock 400 MHz
Crystal 25 MHz
General Information
Connector 2 x 60 pin 0.6 pitch for Core Modules
Height 28 mm
Temperature Range 70 °C
Weight 4 g
Width 28 mm
VIN 3 VDC Single supply
RAM 32 MByte
Flash 2 MByte
Communication 1 x PPI (16 bit) , 2 x SPI , 2 x UART , 2 x SPORT , 1 x I²C , 1 x ETH (10/100 MBit Ethernet MII/RMII)

ADI USB Emulator-100B


On-board Debug Agent (USB JTAG)

Single 3.3V supply voltage On-board core voltage regulator Low voltage reset circuit

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Farnell Inone1825711Order
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