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Our Backstage Services complete your project

It is only when every process is running smoothly in the background that a project can truly be deemed successful. Alongside classic services such as development, validation and production, today BECOM also performs such services as NPI, feasibility assessments, logistics and material and obsolescence management.

Backstage Services

Feasibility assessments

Teams of experts sound out feasibility in technical, economic and organisational fields and devise alternatives where they are needed.


Introduction of new products

From the first draft right up to production and quality assurance, BECOM focusses on the functionality, usability and EMC of new products from the outset.


Obsolescence management

BECOM uses its experience to focus on planning for the long term with regard to material and product availability, and offers reliable long-term availability through stable partners.


Intelligent solutions for production, material and shipping logistics as well as a state-of-theart logistics centre guarantee just-in-time delivery.


After sales service

BECOM provides support beyond the production and delivery stages, for example with material availability, replacement parts, end-of-life management and obsolescence management.


Risk management

By assessing the technical feasibility, hedging on price fluctuations, developing suppliers, employing a buffer strategy and securing second sources, BECOM is able to mitigate against risks.

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