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Flexible and cost efficient

The modular ToF is a building block system that guarantees maximum flexibility as well as cost efficiency and serves as a basis for customer based ToF solutions. BECOM’s many years of experience in the modules sector means that ToF based depth sensors can be divided into individual components. Its main components are the TIM (ToF sensor) and the LIM (illumination light) modules.

With its own set of different Time-of-Flight building blocks BECOM accelerates the development of customer specific camera solutions.

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TIM-UP-19k-S3 Ethernet TIM-UP-19k-S3 Ethernet

The TIM-UP-19k-S3-E features 3D point cloud streaming via Ethernet. It has a standard field of view of 90° and provides a 3D point cloud data via UDP stream. For this product there is a variety of lenses available. This product is no standalone product. You need at least one…

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TIM-UP-19k-S3 USB 2.0 TIM-UP-19k-S3 USB 2.0

The TIM-UP-19k-S3 USB 2.0 PVI is based on PMD 19k-S3 Time of Flight IC. It has a FoV of 90 ° and achieves thanks to a FPGA up to 160 FPS. For this product there is a variety of objectives available! This product is no standalone product. You need at least one Light Module (LIM)…

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LIM-U-LED-850 6 90 LIM-U-LED-850 6 90

The LIM-U LED-850 – 6 offer high power IR LEDs on a surface of 40 x 80 mm (form factor µ). The default FoV is 90 ° and can be adapted through another lens. This product can be ordered starting with 100 pieces, also with only 3 LEDs equipped. This product is no standalone…

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