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State-of-the-art products and innovative technologies

BECOM aspires not only to develop innovative technology, but also to integrate it seamlessly into client solutions and our own products.

As an experienced partner with a long track-record of innovation, BECOM guarantees long-term availability and offers experience in production, industrialisation and backstage services alongside expertise in cutting-edge technology. BECOM guides its clients through the entire development and integration process, from the design of optical systems through the testing phase right up to validation and mass production. 

3D cameras based on time-of-flight and constructed using a modular system make it considerably easier for BECOM to develop and realise complex sensor technologies. From highly flexible prototyping to individually produced solutions, new applications can be realised more quickly
and simply than ever before.

Maximum performance

Time-of-flight cameras developed by BECOM boast both maximum performance and a robust design. They are consequently ideal for a multitude of applications, being suitable for use in demanding outdoor conditions where they are exposed to solar radiation and the effects of the weather.


Fields of application

Automation, automotive sector, buses and trains, driverless transport systems, building technology, Industry 4.0, logistics, medicine, identification systems, safety systems


A reliable partner BECOM Systems

From the first idea to a successful product and a perfect market entry – BECOM Systems is the one-stop-shop for innovative and client-specific Time-of-Flight solutions. Specialists guide our clients every step of the way, from solution development and production services up to testing and product certification.

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