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Industrial electronics is one of the cornerstones of BECOM’s business operations. BECOM combines optimal process development, highly-efficient production and exceptional product quality to make the firm the go-to choice for clients and partners from all branches of industry. With seasoned experts, innovative production processes and accredited test laboratories, BECOM provides guidance throughout the entire lifecycle.

For highly complex components –such as for engine test stands – BECOM complies with above-average standards set by clients in the automotive and medical technology sectors.

BECOM guarantees the success of its high-precision products, such as the Siemens SMART METER, by ensuring the traceability and exact calibration of all components. Coating and potting processes are likewise carried out in-house. This ensures that long-lasting components – such as those for power stations – are optimally protected against environmental influences such as temperature or humidity.

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As a leading provider of high-performance ToF cameras and components, BECOM continuously works to develop even more reliable and efficient methods of production and solutions for its clients.



Electronics for engine test stands (AVL), sensors for automated warehouses (SSI), sensors for ToF cameras, electronic controls for cranes (Palfinger), electronics for power station controls (Andritz Hydro), LED boards for overhead displays (Swarco Futurit), toll systems (Efkon), electronic controls for trains (Zelisko), electronics for fingerprint readers (Idencom), SMART METER (Siemens), electronic sensors for coffee machines and automated water taps (Aquis), robotic lawnmowers (Stihl)

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