hero image Corporate principles
  • We resolve challenges competently and innovatively beyond the requirements of the customer.
  • Quality is what our customers understand it to be
  • The customer is the “nearest” in the process – internally and externally
  • Transparent, efficient and economical processes in all areas
  • We improve every day and think globally
  • Zero Defect Strategy
  • The employees are aware of their responsibility and act independently within the scope of their area of responsibility.
  • Compliance with the law is the basis for our actions and deeds. This is not negated in any phase of operational activities.
  • Environmental aspects are continuously analysed and evaluated and are incorporated into the product and process development.
  • We pay attention to our world, which our children also enjoy.
  • Our factories are sustainable and are becoming CO2 neutral
  • Together, we promote the physical and mental health of our employees and everyone involved in the value chain
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