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[Translate to EN:] Antenne Validierung

BECOM has been the first-choice for EMC compliance and environmental assessments for more than a decade. Clients from industry, the railways, the automotive sector, telecommunications and IT rely on our ISO / IEC 17025 accredited test laboratories. With support throughout the development process and standalone design solutions BECOM’s experts offer much more than ‘just’ measurement technology. Results can be interpreted immediately if so desired and used to create solution and design proposals.

BECOM guides its clients through every phase of a project, from system development, PCB design, routing, signal integrity to problem solving in existing systems right up to the final approval and validation stage. Providing support from the earliest preliminary and planning phases avoids the need for potential redesigns later on in the development cycle.

BECOM also offers all-inclusive services for setting up and running tests, from the test case preparation using LabVIEW, monitoring and controlling the tests, automating the functionality tests and climatic chambers right up to generating test reports and developing the electronics for selecting test specimens.

[Translate to EN:] Validierung

Cutting-edge test laboratories

Accredited test laboratories and accurate documentation guarantee exact results and detailed test reports during emission and immunity assessments. Test reports generated in the BECOM laboratories also provide evidence for self-declarations and for compliance with standards. These tests meet even the strictest test criteria of notable automotive clients.



EMC test laboratory

  • 450 m2 with areas for HF Emmission and Immunity; electronic tests
  • Semi anechoic chamber (SAC) with 4 m height scanner – full compliance
  • CISPR 25 absorption chamber 6 x 5 m – Full Compliance
  • Shielded room – performance-related HF tests
  • Pre-compliance absorption chamber


Frequency range

  • Radiated emission: 100KHz to 26 GHz
  • Radiated immunity: 80MHz to 6 GHz

Climatic test laboratory

  • 14 temperature chambers, also known as climatic chambers
  • Temperature: - 70° C to + 180° C
  • Relative Humidity: 0 % to 100 %
  • Temperature shock: - 75° C to + 200° C
  • Climate stress screening: Temperature gradients
    of up to 15° K / min.


Accredited standards

  • Commercial Devices – EMC 2004/108
  • Automotive Measurement – Emission / Immunity
  • Military Standards – Mil. Std. 461E / F

For questions, concerns or comments, please contact us by phone at +43 1 9142091 - 751 during office hours or via e-mail.


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