hero image eCM-BF609 Industrial
Order No.:100-1218-1 Standard

The Core Module eCM-BF609 is optimized for performance and parallel data processing. The module integrates processor, DDR2 SDRAM, flash, Ethernet PHY and power supply at a size of 44 x 33 mm! It is based on the latest high performance dual-core processor ADSPBF609 from Analog Devices. The ADSP-BF609 integrates a co-processor unit to accelerate signal and image algorithms (i.e. for pre- and co-processing of video frames in ADAS applications). The eCM-BF609 is designed for industrial and commercial applications. It addresses 256 MByte DDR2 SDRAM via its dedicated DDR2 interface and has an onboard SPI flash of 8 MByte. Most of the ADSP-BF609’s pins are available on the Core Module connectors for maximum flexibility during system design.

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Product Details

Highlights Dual Core DSP 256 MByte DDR2 RAM 8 MByte Flash Ethernet 10/100 Mbit USB2.0 CAN Industrial Temperature Range (-40 to +85°C)

Typical Applications BLACKSheep® OS, uClinux

HMI for Industrial Robots, Safety Access Control, Automation and control systems, Access Control, Smart Mobile Devices, Aerospace and Defense, Health Care Equipment and Devices, Parallel Digital Signal Processing, Machine Vision,

Package contents eCM-BF561 Industrial
Clock 2 x 500 MHz
Crystal 25 MHz
General Information
Power Supply 3 VDC Single supply
Temperature Range -40 °C
Width 44 mm
Height 33 mm
Weight 5 g
Connector 2 x 100 pin 0.5 pitch
Flash 8 MByte SPI NOR
Communication 1 x USB 2.0 (OTG) , 2 x SPI , 2 x I²C , 2 x UART , 3 x SPORT , 1 x ETH (10/100 Mbit/s with IEEE1588 Precision Clock Syncronization) , 3 x PPI (1 x 24 bit and 2 x 18 bit) , 1 x CAN (V2.0)
Control 1 x Counter , 4 x Link Port , 1 x ACM , 8 x Timer
I/O 113 x GPIO , 2 x PWM
Memory 1 x eMMC

On-Board core voltage regulator Ethernet Phy on-board Single power supply

NameOrder No.:
Digi-Key Corporation 978-1019-1-NDOrder
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