hero image Leadership principles
  • Open communication,
  • Cooperation and
  • Exemplary behaviour.
  • We treat each other honestly and fairly, and we appreciate each other.
  • We provide information in a rapid, comprehensible and purposeful manner.
  • We define clear responsibilities.
  • We use our employees’ strengths and further develop their potential.
  • We trust our employees, and give them recognition and feedback.
  • We demand flexibility, a willingness to learn and undergo training, and cross-company thinking.
  • We consistently take action in the event of misconduct by our employees.
  • Together with our employees, we agree on corporate goals, departmental goals and employee goals.
  • We constantly monitor the achievement of these goals and implement measures in the event of deviations.
  • We support our employees in their professional and personal development, and provide the necessary work equipment.
  • We reward our employees’ performance when results are achieved.
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