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Ecosystem for multiple sensors

The multi-ToF-platform is an ecosystem for multiple sensors ToF and 2D working in parallel. It consists of two parts. The ToF Hub incorporates the processing platform and enables the connection of several different camera Front Ends.

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150-2057-1 / 150-2058-1
MELEXIS Evaluation Kit MELEXIS Evaluation Kit

The MELEXIS evaluation kit is a complete camera built around Time-of-Flight ToF chipset and can be directly connected to a PC for visualization and recording of depth map data. It is available with a 60° or 110° field of view. Small orders are available through selected…

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multi-ToF platform multi-ToF platform

The multi-ToF platform is an ecosystem for multiple sensors working in parallel. The platform allows us to integrate different sensors in an easy way. It gives software developers an environment close to their final target platform for developing, testing and deploying their…

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