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multi-ToF platform
Order No.:150-3050-1 Standard

The multi-ToF platform is an ecosystem for multiple sensors working in parallel. The platform allows us to integrate different sensors in an easy way. It gives software developers an environment close to their final target platform for developing, testing and deploying their application. (Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice.)

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Product Details

Highlights The multi-ToF platform consists out of two parts, the ToF Hub and the ToF Frontend. The ToF Hub incorporates an NVIDIA Tegra Processor and hosts connectors for 4 ToF sensor Frontends. The ToF Frontend hosts the illumination and the sensor chip. The two parts are connected via a two wire serial connection which provides the power supply as well. The multi-ToF platform is well suited for the following applications • Driver monitoring and gesture control • Obstacle detection • Sensor fusion The multi-ToF platform was designed for customers: • OEMs • Chip Manufacturers • Software Application Developers • Predevelopment Groups • Tier 1 • Automotive Startups

Typical Applications Windows 7 32bit, Windows 7 64bit, Linux, Linux kernel, ROS (Robot Operating System), Windows 8 32-64bit

Obstacle Detection, Automotive, Gesture Control, Driver Monitoring, Sensor Fusion,

General Information
Application Range 3 m
Temperature Range 85 °C depending on cooling mechanism
ALL Features Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
FPS 40 fps per FRONT END
Optical Information
Resolution 240 Pixel
LASER-Diodes 850 2 x nm VCSEL
FoV 110 ° H horizontal
Resolution 304 Pixel
Frameworks µm Matlab
Frameworks MetriCam
Frameworks Halcon
Camera 4 x FDP III-Link over COAX (FAKRA) (HUB) , 4 x FDP-III Link over STP (HUB)
Communication 1 x ETH (Gbit/s HUB) , 1 x USB OTG (HUB)
Debug Interface 1 x USB - UART Konverter (HUB)
I/O 1 x PCIe 2.0 (HUB)
Memory 1 x µSD-Card (HUB)
Power supply 1 x Auxiliary Power Supply Input (FRONT END)
Video 1 x HDMI (HUB) , 1 x FDP-III Link over STP (Phantom powered - FRONT END)
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