hero image Argos3D - P231
Argos3D - P231
Art. -Nr.:150-3060-1 Standard

The ToF Depth Sensor Argos3D-P231 with PoE is a new depth sensor, operating on the Time-of Flight (ToF) principle. Using active IR illumination, the sensor is able to capture 3D information. With a range of 3,5 m indoors, a field of view of 80° and a size of only 173 x 65 x 46 mm, this fast Ethernet connected sensor can be used for next generation sensor systems in various applications. The small form factor and flush mount option in combination with the new ToF technology makes this camera a perfect choice for people counting and security applications as well as kiosk systems.


Highlights 3D depth sensor (352 x 287 pixel) with PoE FoV 80° Up to 40 fps 3D data Up to 3,5 m application range 10 / 100 Mbit/s Ethernet

3D Safety Areas, People Counting, Access Control,

General Information
FPS 60 fps
Application Range 10 m indoor - typically 7 m
Cooling Passive
Temperature Range 65 °C
Width 173 mm
Height 46 mm
Depth 65 mm
Protection Class IP 65
PoE Support
Optical Information
Depth Sensing Technology Time of Flight (ToF)
Sensor Name Infineon IRS1125
Resolution 352 Pixel
Resolution 287 Pixel
FoV 80 °
# LEDs 8 x Laser based
Illumination 850 nm Laser
Frameworks MATLAB(R)
Frameworks Halcon
Frameworks MetriCam
Communication 1 x ETH (Gbit/s)
I/O 1 x Trigger In , 1 x GPIO
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