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Time-of-Flight Solutions from BECOM let machines perceive their environment like never before.

3D cameras based on Time of Flight technology provide depth information and intensity data for each pixel (grey value). The active illumination module emits modulated infrared light (IR) in the near-infrared. The object that is located in the field of view reflects light which is projected via the lens onto the 3D camera IC.

The distance data from the ToF IC to the object is calculated individually for each pixel while taking into account the angular phase shift. The result of one measuring cycle is a 3D point cloud which includes intensity data for each pixel. Our products complete up to 160 measuring cycles per second.

  • Efficient – Direct distance data allows direct analysis of position, distance and significance
  • Independent – Active infrared illumination makes Time-of-Flight independent from ambient light, color and patterns
  • No moving parts in contrast to mirrors of laser scanners
  • Fast – Up to 160 frames per second, each pixel is captured simultanously and individually
  • Compact – Lens and illumination are closer together than in stereo- and triangular systems
  • The compact setup without moving parts give BECOM Time-of-Flight sensors longlevity and makes them ideal for use in challenging

Getting Time-of-Flight right

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