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Logistic solutions with Time-of-Flight Cameras


Today’s e-commerce growth presents new challenges in the warehouse space in terms of efficiency and flexibility. From chaotic storage to the rise of autonomous systems and novel worker assistance systems it is more important to truly see what is happening in the workspace.

3D data gained by Time-of-Flight cameras can help to scan the utilization of floor and shelf space and also provide information on the volume and shape of stored goods from the shelf, palette to parcel level. This can enable tighter packaging and real-time inventory tracking. We are enabling machines to perceive their environment like never before to allow them to map and navigate this complex environment and interact with their human coworkers to ensure optimal material flow.

On a production line storage space is a valuable resource, so it needs to be managed. This system counts the number of palettes placed in a defined location and reports to the storage manager.

The produced palettes can be transported to the logistics center and new material can be transported to the production line. The volume and shape and the ability to stack another palette on top can be indicated too.

Argos3D P3 Series
  • Unparalled range and coverage
  • High accuracy modes to deal with all materials
  • 90° FoV up to 10m
  • PoE enabled
Details on the Argos3D – P330 camera
Argos3D – P330
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