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3D Cameras for People Counting and Occupancy Monitoring

Security & Occupancy - 3D Time-Flight-Sensors BECOM

People counting solutions based on 3D cameras provide accurate real-time data to improve the operating capacity of supermarkets as well as public transportation. Especially in the current COVID-19 situation employees can be supported to fulfill governmental guidelines.

Together with SAIMOS® we developed a system to ensure "Social Distancing" measures through people counting and occupancy monitoring. A customizable kiosk display for customer information and employee guidance is also available.

quote wheel A sustainable investment, since the frequency analysis provides valuable data, even after COVID-19. Karim Elhanafi, CEO SAIMOS

How does it work?

Our ARGOS 3D sensors operates independently from ambient light and is robust against environmental influences. Our 3D ToF technology enables you to anonymously track and count people with very high accuracy and the PoE enabled sensors allow easy integration.

Argos3D - P231
  • with PoE 
  • anonymous counting
  • independent from ambient light


Details Argos3D - P231 Camera
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