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Order No.:END OF LIFE Standard

The Qseven® compliant module Qseven-i.MX537 is based on Freescale’s next generation, high-performance, power-efficient, multimedia applications processor i.MX537. This processor features OpenGL® ES 2.0 and OpenVG™ 1.1 hardware accelerators, a multi-format HD1080p video decoder and a HD720p video encoder hardware engine, a SATA controller and numerous serial interfaces. Further features are integrated security solutions, USB 2.0 controllers and an Ethernet controller. It enables SPI, UART and the connection of Image-Sensor-Modules and µSD-Cards via its on-board connectors. The Qseven® module is available for the industrial temperature range (-40 to +85°C). It addresses 1 GByte DDR2-SDRAM, has an on-board NAND-flash of 2 GByte and an additional SPI NOR-flash of 4 MByte. The state of the art i.MX53 SoC in combination with the outstanding integration of several peripheral controllers, memory and voltage control, turn the Qseven-i.MX537 into a high-performance embedded platform for your future applications.

Product Details

Highlights Qseven SoM Additional Image Sensor Module Connector Additioal Micro SD card slot Industrial -40 to +85 °C

Typical Applications Linux

HMI for Industrial Robots, Automation and control systems, HMI, Mobile Communication, Tablets,

CPU 1 x Freescale i.MX537, ARM Cortex-A8
Clock 1 x 800 MHz
Crystal 24 MHz
General Information
Temperature Range 85 °C
Width 70 mm
Height 70 mm
Connector 3 x 120 pin 0.5mm pitch
RAM 1 1 x GByte DDR2-SDRAM
Flash 2 1 x GByte NAND Flash
Flash 4 1 x MByte SPI-NOR
Audio 1 x HDA
Communication 1 x ETH (10/100 Mbit/s) , 2 x I²C , 1 x SPI , 1 x CAN , 1 x UART , 1 x SPI , 8 x USB 2.0 (7 Hosts, 1 OTG)
Debug Interface 1 x JTAG
I/O 1 x Power Button , 1 x Reset Button , 1 x LID Button , 1 x Sleep Button , 1 x Wake , 1 x Battery Low Alarm , 1 x Thermal Control , 1 x Lüftersteuerung
Memory 1 x SDIO , 1 x SATA , 1 x Micro SD Karten Slot
Video 2 x LVDS (Only one LVDS available when using TMDS) , 1 x TMDS , 1 x BLT ISM


NameOrder No.:
Digi-Key Corporation 978-1007-NDOrder
Mouser Electronics516-100-1500-1Order
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