hero image EXT-SBC-i.MX51-DISP
Order No.:END OF LIFE Standard

The EXT-SBC-i.MX51-DISP offers a display and a camera interface (BLT-ISM-Connector) for the SBC-i.MX51. It is a low cost extender board designed for audiovisual systems e.g. HMI, touch-control, interactive systems etc.

Product Details

Highlights Display and Camera interfaces (ISM-Connector) Additional interfaces to expand the applications for the SBC-i.MX51 Can be plugged on SBC-i.MX51

Typical Applications Linux

POS Terminals, HMI, Graphical User Interfaces,

Package contents EXT-SBC-i.MX51-DISP
General Information
Display Support EDT G- TFT Family Concept
ISM Support 1 x For Image Sensor Modules
Temperature Range 85 °C
Width 120 mm
Height 72 mm
Extender Connectors 2 x For SBC-i.MX51
Video 1 x LVDS (Toshiba LT084AC3711) , 1 x BLT ISM (Camera Interface) , 1 x Parallel Display (EDT G- TFT Family Concept, TFT Connector 40Pin ZIF)
NameOrder No.:
Mouser Electronics516-100-2523-1 Order
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