hero image EXT-SBC-i.MX51-COMM
Art. -Nr.:END OF LIFE Standard

The EXT-SBC-i.MX51-COMM is the best equipped extender board for the SBC-i.MX51. It offers Bluetooth, GPS, GSM/GPRS, a camera (BLT-ISM-CONNECTOR) as well as a display interface. Antenna connectors for GSM, GPS and Blueteooth are available for external antennas. Possible applications are wireless communication, mobile Navigation, surveillance, locating and industrial applications.


Highlights Communication interfaces for mobile applications Display and Camera interfaces (ISM-Connector) Numerous interfaces to expand the applications for the SBC-i.MX51 Can be plugged on SBC-i.MX51

Typische Anwendungen Linux, QtEmbedded / GNOME

Multimedia Mini PC, Rapid Development Kit, Automation and control systems, Graphical User Interfaces, Mobile Communication,

Lieferumfang EXT-SBC-i.MX51-COMM
General Information
Width 120 mm
Extender Connectors 2 x For SBC-i.MX51
Temperature Range 85 °C
Height 72 mm
GPS 1 x u-blox NEO-6Q
Bluetooth 1 x
GSM / GPRS 1 x u-blox LEON G100, incl. SIM Card Holder
I/O 3 x Antennenanschluss
Video 1 x LVDS (Toshiba LT084AC3711) , 1 x Parallel Display (EDT G- TFT Family Concept) , 1 x BLT ISM (ISM-AR0132AT ISM-MT9M131 ISM-MT9P031)
NameArt. -Nr.:
Mouser Electronics516-100-2524-1 bestellen
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