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Order No.:END OF LIFE Standard

The EXT-BF5xx-VIDEO is a video extender board suitable for the DEV-BF5xxDA-Lite development board. This stackable board features an ADV7183B video decoder and an ADV7171 video encoder to add video support to your embedded system (AV-In, YCbCr-In, CVBS-Out, SV-In, SV-Out). The EXT-BF5xx-VIDEO is ideally suited for your future embedded video processing applications.

Product Details

Highlights ADV7183B Video Decoder ADV7171 Video Encoder AV-In YCbCr-In CVBS-Out SV-In SV-Out

Typical Applications BLACKSheep® OS, uClinux

Multimedia Mini PC, Rapid Development Kit, Graphical User Interfaces, Smart Mobile Devices, Set Top Boxes, Security and Alarms Systems , Machine Vision,

Package contents EXT-BF5xx-VIDEO
General Information
Connector 4 x 60 pin 0.6 pitch for Extender Socket
Temperature Range 70 °C
Width 75 mm
Height 75 mm
Codec 1 x ADV7183B Video Decoder
Codec ADV7171 Video Encoder
Video 1 x YCbCr , 2 x S-Video (1 x In 1 x Out) , 1 x AV , 2 x CVBS (2 x Out)

ADV7183B Video Decoder ADV7171 Video Encoder

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