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Sentis3D - M100
Order No.:150-3002-1 Standard

The Sentis3D - M100 is a new 3D sensor, operating on the Time of Flight (ToF) principle. The M100 is equipped with a PMD PhotonICs® 19k-S3 Time of Flight 3D chip. This smart 3D sensor delivers depth information and gray value image data for each pixel simultaneously. Therefore, it´s possible to analyze scenes based on 3D data only or in combination with 2D grayscale data. Using active IR illumination, the sensor is able to capture 3D and 2D information at a resolution of 160 x 120 pixels with up to 40 frames per second independently of ambient light. With a range of 3 m, a field of view of 90° and a size of only 50 x 55 x 36 mm, this Ethernet connected sensor can be used for next generation sensor systems in various application fields like robotics, gesture recognition, HMI or people counting. A dual core DSP is responsible for processing in which one of the core is fully available for your own application running natively on the sensor.

Product Details

Highlights 3D depth sensor PMD ToF technology Real-time capture of distance and grayscale information 160 x 120 pixel Up to 40 fps Active IR illumination 850 nm Field-of-View 90° 3 to 5 m application range Ethernet

Typical Applications BLACKSheep® OS, uClinux

Range Measurements, Object counting, 3D Safety Areas, Map Building, Robot Navigation, Obstacle Detection, Touch Less Control, HMI for Industrial Robots, People Counting, Safety Access Control, Access Control, Security and Alarms Systems , Health Care Equipment and Devices, Test and Measurement ,

Package contents Sentis ToF - M100 SW / Support CD Ethernet Cable JTAG Adapter Power Adapter Tripod Documentation
CPU 1 x ADSP BF561
Clock 2 x 500 MHz Dual Core DSP
General Information
IIN 1 A Typical
Temperature Range 55 °C Industrial
Width 50 mm
Height 55 mm
Cooling 1 x Passive
Depth 42 mm
Weight 97 g
Tripod Mount 1 x
Flash 64 MByte NOR
Optical Information
Resolution 160
FoV 90 °
Sensor Name 1 x PMD PhotonICs® 19k-S3
Depth Sensing Technology Time of Flight (ToF)
Illumination 1 x Active IR 850 nm
# LEDs 850 2 x nm High Power IR LEDs
Application Range 3 m (can be extended with external illumination unit)
FPS 40 fps
Resolution 120 Pixel
Communication 1 x ETH (10/100 MBit) , 1 x RS232 , 1 x RS485
I/O 4 x GPIO (3 x IO 1 x I) , 1 x Externer Trigger
NameOrder No.:
Digi-Key Corporation 978-1023-NDOrder
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