hero image LIM-U-LED-850 6 90
LIM-U-LED-850 6 90
Order No.:150-2301-2 Standard

The LIM-U LED-850 – 6 offer high power IR LEDs on a surface of 40 x 80 mm (form factor µ). The default FoV is 90 ° and can be adapted through another lens. This product can be ordered starting with 100 pieces, also with only 3 LEDs equipped. This product is no standalone product. You need at least one ToF Module (TIM) and one interface board (IF)!

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Product Details

Highlights Dimensions 40 x 80 mm 6 High Power LED IR 850 nm FoV 90° (default) VIN 12 to 30 VDC Temperature Range -40 to +85 °C

Range Measurements, Object counting, 3D Safety Areas, Map Building, Robot Navigation, Obstacle Detection, Touch Less Control, HMI for Industrial Robots, People Counting, Safety Access Control,

Package contents LIM-U-LED-850 6
General Information
Width 40 mm
Power Consumption 20 W
Temperature Range 85 °C
Height 80 mm
Optical Information
Illumination Active IR 850 nm
Modulation Frequency 30 MHz
# LEDs 6 x High power LEDs IR 850 nm
Control 1 x I²C , 1 x Owire
I/O 1 x Externes Sync Interface
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