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Argos3D - P100
Order No.:150-2001-2 Standard

The ToF Depth Sensor Argos 3D – P100 is based on the PMD PhotonICs ® 19k-S3 Time of Flight IC. The sensor is able to capture a resolution of 160 x 120 pixels and thanks to its very high-performance CPU up to 160 frames per second (fps). This smart sensor delivers depth- and amplitude information simultaneously for each of the 160 x 120 pixels. This adds up to 19.200 independent measuring points of each measurement. The 3D scatter plot is dispensed by USB 2.0. With a range of more than 3 m, a field view of 90° and a size of only 75 x 57 x 26 mm, this smart sensor is ideal for evaluation or integration into existing systems.

Product Details

Highlights Speed up to 160 fps Compatible to a wide range of software tools Plug and Play Close range operation < 10cm

Typical Applications Linux, Ubuntu, Windows XP/7 32-64bit, Windows 8 32-64bit

Range Measurements, Object counting, 3D Safety Areas, Robot Navigation, HMI for Industrial Robots, People Counting, Aerospace and Defense, Robotic, Automotive,

Package contents Argos 3D - P100 USB Cable Tripod Power Adapter 5V 3A Documentation
General Information
FPS 160 fps
Application Range 3 m
Cooling Passive
Temperature Range 55 °C
Tripod Mount 1 x 1/4“
Weight 140 g
Depth 27 mm
Width 75 mm
Height 57 mm
Optical Information
Depth Sensing Technology Time of Flight (ToF)
Sensor Name PMD PhotonICs® 19k-S3
Resolution 160
Resolution 120
FoV 90 °
Illumination 1 x Active IR 850nm
# LEDs 2 x High power LEDs 850nm
Frameworks MATLAB(R)
Frameworks LabVIEW
Frameworks MetriCam
Communication 1 x USB 2.0
I/O 1 x Externes Sync Interface
NameOrder No.:
Digi-Key Corporation 978-1017-NDOrder
Mouser Electronics516-150-2001-1 Order
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