Grant of a patent to BECOM Electronics GmbH

The company BECOM Electronics GmbH has published another patent entitled ‘printed circuit board’ under the number AT 520735 A4 2019-07-15.

This patent is granted to an innovation which ensures that low contact resistance is achieved in the reference range of aluminium core printed circuit boards. The printed circuit board reduces the thermal path with thickness fluctuations via a defined recess in an FR4 (network of epoxy resin and glass fibre fabric). A thermal conductivity medium (thermal conducting glue or paste) is inserted into this recess to balance out tolerances of the heat sink and printed circuit board by itself.
This innovation offers a decisive advantage as LED applications with excellent thermal properties can be realised with equally good resilience to external influences (e.g. temperature), for example.

The entire team at BECOM warmly congratulates the creators Daniel Schaffer and Jürgen Schlögl.

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