eTaxi Austria: Easelink successfully introduces Matrix Charging technology, supported, among others, by BECOM.

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A total of 66 cabs and 10 locations have been successfully equipped with the innovative Matrix Charging technology to enable emission-free cab driving. Matrix Charging technology enables automated charging of eTaxis directly at the locations, without drivers having to leave the vehicle or visit conventional charging stations.

Matrix Charging technology, for which Easelink holds a related patent, is revolutionizing electric vehicle charging. It enables wireless charging with minimal energy loss. This technology offers a promising alternative to conventional charging stations and helps to further promote electric mobility.

BECOM played a central role in the development of this technology as a partner of Easelink. BECOM was instrumental in developing the hardware and software for the Matrix Charging Pad and manufactured the electronic components for the Matrix Charging Connector.
The first cab stands equipped with Matrix Charging were opened in Vienna's Vorgartenstraße, while implementation is underway at Schillerplatz in Graz. The main goal is to reduce emissions and improve the quality of life in urban areas by increasing the use of electric cabs in Vienna and Graz.

In Vienna, a total of eight cab locations and 56 vehicles, and in Graz two locations and ten vehicles will be equipped with Matrix Charging technology.

In the long term, the project aims to gradually introduce zero-emission vehicles for cab operations in Vienna by 2025. The Vienna Chamber of Commerce supports this changeover and also sees potential for other industries in terms of innovation and climate protection.
Furthermore, Easelink and BECOM aim to make this innovative technology available in households worldwide. This would have a potentially far-reaching impact on electromobility and electric vehicle charging across the industry.
Overall, the collaboration between BECOM and Easelink demonstrates how innovative partnerships and technologies can advance electromobility and help make our cities cleaner and greener. Matrix Charging technology represents an important step towards a more sustainable future.

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E-Taxi-Standplatz mit Laden ohne Kabel - Wien heute vom 13.09.2023 um 19:00 Uhr – ORF-TVthek

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